PGSC Announcements
Goal Safety


Players Moving Goals

It has come to NC Youth Soccer’s attention that a player has sustained a head injury from assisting team mates while moving a soccer goal.

The report indicates that the player was helping other players move a goal post off of a field at the coach’s request, when the goal post was dropped and struck her in the head resulting in a head injury.

Player safety is imperative and must be number one when conducting practices and at game time. NO PLAYER should move a goal; period. If assistance is needed in moving a goal, then we suggest you ask parents or other adults to help; not the players.

Please educate your coaches, assistant coaches, team managers/volunteers, and parents about goal safety and the correct procedures. Do not forget to pay attention to extra goals that are not being used. They need to be facing each other and chained, so no one can move them apart. Single goals should be laid front down and anchored. Accidents resulting in a goal falling on someone can be tragic.

Player safety is Number 1. So we trust you will educate any adults involved with all of your players and communicate Goal Safety to players and parents.