PGSC Announcements

Hello, my name is Danielle Danois- Dibble and I am one of the candidates for the presidency of Piney Green Soccer Club. I am running for president of the aforementioned club because I believe that the needs of my children, as well as your own, are of the utmost importance.
At this time my youngest son plays in the U5 division and my second oldest plays in the U12 division. My oldest daughter referees at PGSC and you will see her on the U5/U6 field or filling in when the Referee Assignor cannot find referees for the CAMSL games. I want to make Piney Green a family affair for me and my children and they will be there to help me every step of the way.
Discipline and Appeals Officer of Piney Green Soccer Club, I am well experienced in the act of making sure that all players, coaches, referees, and parents alike all conduct themselves in a civil way while on and off the soccer fields.
Abuse Prevention Liaison of Piney Green Soccer Club, further showing that the safety of your children while playing at Piney Green Soccer Club is my main priority as I run for president.
I have also coached many of the teams at Piney Green Soccer Club, those including age groups from U5 to U15. I have worked with children all my time at Piney Green Soccer Club, all while having 5 children of my own.
My goals as president of Piney Green Soccer Club are to make the club itself more organized, including more communication between the board, coaches, and parents alike, as well as lining fields prior to the opening of practices to limit confusion. Another goal of mine is to set up a summer camp that will allow kids to practice their skills and make new friends. I plan on making using my current connection and the ones I will make in the future to help bring education opportunities to coaches and players. My first line of business will be to set up a NCYSA recreational road show. I will work with the registrar and make sure that our teams are allowed to travel and play in soccer tournaments. I will keep the line of communication open with Onslow Classic Soccer Association and schedule more clinics. Your children are important to me and I want to make sure they have a great experience here at PGSC, to do that I plan on listening to all your concerns and make sure that they are routed up to ECSA/NCYSA.
It is both an honor and a privilege to have been nominated for president of Piney Green Soccer Club, but through all of that, I do not believe that I am owed this position. For me this position isn't at all a status booster, instead, it is just a way for me to modernize the club itself and make it an all-around enjoyable experience for all those associated. I am excited to bring fresh ideas to the club while maintaining the traditional values that have built Piney Green up to what it is and will make us stronger in the community.