PGSC Announcements

Micro Players: U5-U6

Game day tee shirts will be provided by PGSC. Parents will need to provide black shorts and black socks for their players.

CAMSL/ECSA Rec Players: U7-U19

***Important*** Please wait to order your uniform before you have confirmed your child's jersey number with either the coach or the team manager. You will need to add customization (jersey number) for the jersey when ordering.

To order click the link below:

Required items are:

Adidas Entrada 18 Green Jersey

Under the jersey option you will see sizing information and Enter player number option

Once you click the link Enter Player Number, you will be directed to do just that.

PLEASE verify your child's number with either the coach or the team manager.

Adidas Squadra 17 Black Shorts

Adidas Copa Zone III Black Socks

Entrada 18 Green Jersey Squadra 17 Black Shorts Copa Zone III Black

If there are any issues with your order please contact